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About us


Here at Ghost Yap we focus on your company's essential needs. Every company is different and we treat them that way to tend their needs uniquely. We do have standard plans, but if you need more, less or something different than what's being offered we can sit down to make a plan that helps your company to continue growing. We are here for all the time that you cannot be present to answer your customers. 


Out representatives are trained to give the best customer service and follow policies to provide customers with the best experience possible. Don` t worry about those customer calling after hours we are here and we are open to help 24/7 answering questions and sending messages 

We leave the light on and shut it off in the morning for you too. Contact us to get started!


We all need some help  from time to time we can do  short term and long term agreements

Cancel at anytime no hassle from us! 



Refer a friend and receive  20% off of one monthly payment

Than 15% from another monthly payment 


Let us be in the background of your company. Our team only wants to bring value to your brand!