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After hours call answering services 


 Too bad time is not on our side because if it was our businesses such as; rental agencies, electric companies, emergency assistance programs, etc would all be open after 5 pm no exceptions. Even business owners need to rest or even go on vacation right? 


Well having services that are 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week can make sure that you have you never miss a sale. 


Here's some services that Ghostyap recommends to our clients:


Are you a night time person or a day time person?  
Do you think electric companies, rental agencies, hair dressers, nail salons, automotive stores, tire shops, and more be open 24 /7  

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Even employees can benefit from a 24/7 answering service


Employees are Human and have emergencies too. Making employees feel human is most times the issue.

Ghostyap provides employees their own number to call and use as an Employee call out line and a compliance line. 


Sometimes employees lie about why they are calling out. That is true enough, but why should the manager or the owner of the business have to be awakened or bothered by the after-hour issues? 


24/7 Services with Ghostyap allows employees to call out or even inform someone they will be late for their shift. If the issue is really big Ghostyap transfers the employees directly to the company.


Even better employees can utilize these services as a compliance line reporting unethical, illegal, or questionable behavior within the workplace.


Employees may report concerns related to fraud, health violations, sexual harassment, and other categories. These calls are handled anonymously by highly trained staff with processes specific to you.

Allowing employees to call in anonymous to communicate grievances or concerns allows a safe workplace.


What things makes you feel less appreciated in your workplace?  

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"At-Home Workers" allow 24/7 services allowing ongoing sales

"In Office Workers" consumers hours generally 8am-5pm


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