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Building Rapport

Written by: Ms.Hill


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Hi, Ghostyappers we are back again with another quick lesson.


This week we will focus on building rapport with customers.


When your customers call in for help if they provide their name to you, you should make note of it.

If they don't just ask for it with your opening statemenT.

For example " Thank you for calling Ghostyap my name is Lisa may I ask your name to please?"


Building rapport actually takes a little skill & characteristics


Remember to smile once you have their name try your best to address them by it it is easy to call it customer ma'am or sir even a customer can get some people offended if they are angry let them vent although this is time-consuming sometimes after venting some customers may have diffused a bit some may even vent the whole call either way just listen and focus on their issue. 


It can be hard but see their situation from their point of view. I have had my share of calls that may be a small situation in my life but it is a big deal to the customer and they can not deal. So I try to see how what they are saying could be a problem for me. Try to keep that in mind, remember your love to help customers and that should make helping angry customers a breeze. Say things like " I understand I know how you feel." And "I understand." Sometimes similar experiences you may have had can help ease the customer's mind by sharing with them.















We're searching for your answers if you are like me and do not want your customers to be on hold for a long time you stay on the phone adapt to their mood or tone and attempt a small conversation for example "Besides the issue you are experiencing how has your day been otherwise?"

"How is the weather in the area today?" Some you can hear pets or children in their backgrounds those two things are sure conversation starters. 


Customers like to have the best experience possible. When we can't fix issues because we built a rapport with the customer may be more understanding. Because they know we care and we are doing our best to fix their issue. Customers remember the experience and the resolution so smile does not stress angry customers are a test of your customer service skills.


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Review time!



For a better experience to avoid holds and dead air what do you do?

Put them on silent hold.

Build rapport

Put them on music hold

Transfer to busy que.


It is a good idea to let customers vent

True or False?


I just know my fellow Ghost Jeffers got every answer right because you, my friends, are so smart this has been a lesson on how to build rapport with customers until next time keep yapping!

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