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We all dread being pulled to the side by our manager. Working on a call center this will happen at least once maybe twice a week. Usually, coachings are nerve-wracking and can leave us upset.



coachings are to help improve your skills as an agent. 






My first job was working in a restaurant at 15 years old. I ha a manager that was firm, direct, at my age I thought she was means at times but she gave great constructive criticism when due. We called her "the mother" at the job. I worked there for over two years and we kept bumping heads of course I was getting older and thought I knew everything. She kept fussing at me telling me had to meet this quota but he wouldn't do it to other people as much. Reminders my position at this job is was a team trainer at the age of 16 and was trying to become a manager. So one day I got really mad, I don't remember why but she pulled me outside. I explained how I thought she was mean (my young-minded self) The mother tells me why she was so hard on me. 

She saw potential and growth in me.


She saw what I could not see in myself she knew I get as fast as her although I was fast, she knew I could be as fast as her. so she pushed me. She knew I could make the manager so she pushed me. She said I didn't need the positive criticism cause I was already good at what I do she just wanted to make me better.

















Constructive criticism is necessary and it helped me do much better at my job.

Why do you ask? Because I wanted my coachings to be more accolades then on what I did wrong on a call.



Now in coaching, you and your manager will listen to a random call they selected. After listening to the call, your manager will go over your score and tell why they gave you the score. 



Usually, you get monitored by your managers, quality assurance, and some companies hire third-party vendors to do screenings as well. Yikes, that's a lot, but true companies want to make sure their company is following guidelines and correct procedures to help their customers so this is a serious business. 



Here are some of the things they look for each monitor: 




ACW ( After call work)

Hold time

AHT ( Average handle time)


Resource use



These are just a few not all. Let's talk about it more. Your greeting should be upbeat and follow company guidelines.



 Example: "Thank you for calling Ghostyap my name is Sam. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?"


Keep your tone throughout the call. Do not sound disconnected or uninterested. 


Keep your ACW low as possible no longer than one minute. Stay in available!



Your hold time is important too. The longer your customers are on hold, the worse their experience. And the lower your quality score will be. Remember No Hold Harry!















Your knowledge is solely on you. Use your RESOURCES and you will be fine. Only tell your customers facts never go off memory. Customers remember lies and liars during surveys.








Remember not to be aware of your compliance. Keep the internal information private. Only tell external information that is allowed to be told. Some documents are required to  be told  from verbatim not doing so can get you terminated on the spot so be careful. 



Remember you got this. Take this information and soar to high scores from quality assurance. Until next time Ghostyappers keep yapping.


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