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Written by: Ms. Hill


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Is it that time of the week again? It is! I can tell from the smiles on your faces that you're excited about another Ghostyap lesson. Today we are here to brush up on holds, transfers, and how they affect the customer and your call quality. 


Silent Holds are critical to phone calls as well..... 

You need to learn how to and what to do when you have to put customers on silent holds.


Putting a customer on a silent hold is when you do not push the hold button and just simply stay quiet while working on the issue. Most customers will get impatient or say something like "Hello." Because they don't know if you're there anymore.

Your call quality can be affected by these topics in different ways. 

An customer calls the 1-800 number to Stacys Bakery and wants to speak with someone about a refund. 

You are the agent and only can assist with signups. You will inform the customer that "unfortunately I will need to transfer you to the retention department, I will make sure to explain the details before disconnecting the calls/ One moment please." 


If on hold for 1 minute while transferring click back over let the customer know you are still waiting on ana agent.


Check in every 1-2 minutes to assure the customer that you are going stay on the line until you et someone.

What Happens If The  Customer Get Disconnected During the Transfer?



Never miss a sale or upset the customer even more then they were. We hear a lot in the workplace people say  "I don't get paid enough to o extra work."


Unfortunately, this is even said in call centers workplaces. As if, their hands or ears will hurt or break if they pick up the phone to call a customer back.


I get upset when the call drops and I have to explain the situation over to another agent. 


Also, it is wise for call center business owners to enforce their employees to call their customers back if the call drops. Why?



  • It shows extra effort.
  • It shows the customer you care about the issue they called in about.
  • It ensures a sale is not missed.
  • Stops the customer from becoming angry or angrier then they were.




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