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How to Deal With Angry Customers



Written by: Ms.Hill


Here at GhostYap, we believe in the power of educating each other. We will post how-tos and quick videos to accompany them here on our blog. Just too help you with developing your skills as an agent to assist customers you will find (somewhere in this page) our first quick lesson. These videos will vary in length. But this first one is quick.  It is on my favorite topic, how to deal with an angry customer.


Watch the video before we break it down for you. We will go into depth on each step.


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Did you enjoy that refresher? Let’s get into it. 





Let's build a cake, it can be a gift for our customers.

The bottom layer is the first step.













Remain calm, it is very easy to match the tone of an angry customer. But we must not do that. Take a deep breath, the customer could be having a bad day and this issue could be there breaking point. Put your self in their shoes, imagine their issue is your issue and how you would feel. Being calm is easy, and always the right choice to start with.


The second layer will represent the step of listening closely. Listening is key when helping any customer. But most important when your customer is angry. They tend to vent and you can miss their issue by not paying attention. Asking them to repeat themselves can cause more irritation to the customer. So LISTEN CLOSELY.


You are almost there! This third layer represents the third step. Acknowledge their concern. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT… The best way to let the customer know you're listening is to repeat their concern back to them. This lets the customer know you understand and gives them some ease and may trust that you will try to help. 





















This fourth layer is important as well. Be empathetic to your customer. Remember how we put ourselves in the customers' shoes earlier? Well, here we do it again. Being empathetic gives you room to talk while researching and lets your customer know you would feel angry too if something similar happened to you. I mt os good to be sympathetic if you can fully relate to being in the same situation. This does build rapport and help calm the customer.


Layer number 5 the last layer! Simply focus on solving their issue. This is the time to use all resources and ask needed questions. Stay on topic (Customers often vent and bring up more issues.) Stay focused on what you can fix. Remember to escalate to higher tiers if needed!


Lastly, to add some sweet icing! make sure you SMILE! Even over the phone let it shine. They can tell when you are not smiling and sense when moods change as wells. Be polite more than often most customers apologize.  This cake we made is a gift of the resolution, or at least give the customers options and what to do next. We can only do the best we can to solve issues. 


Thanks for choosing a lesson with GhostYap 

gallery/tier cake




gallery/tier cake


Solving their issue

Sweet icing (a smile!)

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