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Tone Up!



Welcome back to Ghostyap lessons. Today we are moving right along with

evolving our customer service skills. Our topic today is surrounding voice

tone and energy. These two things can affect any type of phone that you get. 

Answering the phone with a smile is just the start. We have to keep our happy

tone the whole phone call. Jumping too after the issue has been explained.

Keep your voice upbeat and your energy high. 



Calls can get boring, difficult, and sometimes urgent. Remain calm and never

show signs that your mood has changed. Such as sighing deeply, rushing,

or short talk to the customer. Never accuse the customer of causing the

issue at hand either. We are here to help so no matter what TONE UP and

be friendly.






Secondly, be educating, friendliness does get you far. Stay focused on the problem at hand and most importantly EDUCATE them. In most situations, the customer doesn't have all the information. Maybe they overlooked it or misheard it. Whichever it may be, remember to educate with only BIG FACTS! It is sometimes a diffuser.  Throw those facts in there they are like little bombs watch your customer attitude blow up when you tone up with facts. 




Come on now I know you gave educating a shot which either

worked or did not. Regardless be OPTIMISTIC! Let your customer

know that if you can not fix the issue they have options. Every

situation cannot be over the phone or at your tier all the time.

Often there are outside resources or other tiers that can be utilized

by the customer. Give out those resources or use your tiers.

End your call according to your guidelines. At this point, you have toned up

on a phone and you got through it Good job. 





















Other tips:

Do not get defensive with the customer

Be apologetic for their issue

Most of all stay engaging 


When customers feel the mood shift it can be a deal-breaker. Especially for sales. If you sound detached, bored, or uninterested. It is noticed to check your attitude. I know it is hard but deep down we love helping people so remember that. Widen your smile and stay smiling. Do not be fake that's another mistake. Ultimate we added this to say when you tone down the customer knows and a call that could get you a sale or bonus can be affected by your energy, tone, and engagement. 

So, TONE UP in every aspect that we've shown you and your set for success!


Thanks for choosing another lesson with Ghostyap!