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When dealing with customers, if things become difficult, it is easy to become nonchalant and say things you probably shouldn't.



Here are a few things to never say to a customer. 


  • I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
    • This statement leaves the customer without a time frame on  the call back. Without no resolution to their issue.


  • I'm not sure, I guess, or I think. 
    • These statements help the customer lose trust in your ability to help resolve their issue.


  • That's against the policy.
    • This statement is not bad because it is true. But because the customer does not care. Stay focused on what you can do and stay within those limits.


  • There is no manager.
    • Sometimes this is true, but usually, there are tiers you have to go through for more help. Be wise and use your escalation procedures


  • I know how you feel.
    • To the customer, you are the enemy. And could not possibly understand how they feel. Stay away from this statement, it can make the customer mad or get an angry customer angrier.


  • What is your issue again?
    • Making the customer repeat their issue could make them mad. Or again angrier, be sharp. Write the issue down and repeat it to the customer to be on the same page.























Remember our tips and you are on your way to being a better agent. These were just a few tips on what NOT to say to a customer. Join us next and until then keep on yapping!

What if there really is not a manager available to assist the customer?


We all would like to cuss out the company owners who assign managers and team members but they don't take the calls when one is requested. Grrr as a customer this can be frustrating and as an employer. The employee eventually finds themselves trying o find things to say or ways to respond to the customer so it won't fuel the situation when the customer may already be angry. 




1. The person holding the bank up are the customers

2. The employees are the hostages


What not to say to customers

What are some things the Hostage Negotiator should NOT say to the person holding the bank up (customers)


In this lesson You will learn what not to say to customers.

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